What’s in a “Neighborhood?”

What’s in a “Neighborhood?”

What makes a house feel like home? How do our surroundings shape our lives? Can we design spaces that foster wellness, belonging, or “community culture?” These are big questions – but experts say we’re beginning to find answers.

Neighborhoods are made up of more than houses and streets. In fact, the spaces where a sense of community is most alive – scenic parks, venues for art and dining, places of worship, and so on – tend to reflect the culture and values of the people who live there. And, in turn, people are shaped by the places in which they live.

All communities represent more than the sum of their parts, but the best neighborhoods tend to share some factors in common:

Attractive outdoor spaces. “Good spaces,” as defined by the Project for Public Spaces, “beckon you to come visit.” And that’s exactly what The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch does. Located in Sarasota, one of Florida’s most beautiful coastal cities, The Glenridge’s 150-acre campus offers natural beauty in abundance – and at our new Northside Neighborhood, members have more opportunities than ever to enjoy the outdoors.

“The vision for Northside is very special – something you won’t find anywhere else,” say Shan and Thomas “Tom” Di Napoli, who were among the first to move into the new neighborhood. “It’s very open, with winding roads, wetlands, greenery, and lots of nature. It’s just a wonderful place to call home.”

What’s more, evidence suggests that parks and other outdoor spaces may benefit your health: One 2018 study found that living in greener communities was associated with a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, and other illnesses, while others have found that green spaces can support mental and emotional wellness.

More places to spend time together. Whether you’re going out for lunch with friends or chatting with neighbors while taking a morning stroll, good neighborhoods are designed to help people get to know one another and spark friendships. And social spaces – where you might run into old acquaintances or invite family for a tour of the neighborhood – most represent the “heart and soul” of the community.

At The Glenridge, members enjoy a welcoming, lively atmosphere with plenty of spots for get-togethers, entertainment, learning, fitness and more. From the Thistle Stop cocktail lounge to the Kiltie Café, these spaces make it easy to create connections and get to know neighbors by name.

Pride in the place you live. The best neighborhoods are shaped by people who feel engaged with and connected to their surroundings, according to recent research. At The Glenridge, our members take an active hand in guiding the present and future of the community, whether by serving on committees or making philanthropic gifts through The Glenridge Foundation.

And it’s thanks to that shared culture and commitment that The Glenridge has evolved to become what it is today: a Life Fulfilling Community® where all members are empowered to optimize health, happiness and personal growth.

Now is the time to take charge of your future and experience the Glenridge Difference for yourself! Send us a message or give us a call at 941.552.5368 to schedule your personal appointment and tour.

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