Veterans & Visionaries
Memorial Eagle

An Enduring Tribute to Those
Who Have Served

Capturing the power and grace of our country’s emblem, the “Veterans & Visionaries Memorial Eagle” stands proudly along with an American flag, atop a black granite octagonal base set on a perpetual waterfall. The Memorial features bronze plaques honoring Glenridge members who have served our nation, as well as the visionaries who laid the foundation for what our community is today. On the Memorial, each branch of the military is represented with a bronze medallion on the granite base.


  • Sculptor/artist is Dawn Agnew-Mundell, a graduate of Ringling College of Art & Design.
  • Dimensions: Stands nearly 12 feet high from base to wingtip. Wingspan stretches approximately 8 feet. Weight: about 1,700 lbs.
  • The statue, which took approximately a year to construct, was sculpted in Monroeville, New Jersey. Molds were made and bronze poured at a foundry in Philadelphia.
  • The Memorial Eagle was transported to Sarasota by tractor trailer and landed at The Glenridge on October 12, 2023.
  • The sculpture was dedicated in celebration of The Glenridge’s 20th anniversary on November 10, 2023.

Veterans & Visionaries

Being of service is one of the core values that has always defined The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch. Ever mindful of that, we are proud to announce a lasting tribute to two very special groups of Glenridge members who have served with faith and dedication – and who have been instrumental in making our outstanding community what it is today.

Long before ground was ever broken, a group of Visionaries developed a concept that would challenge the status quo and become the nation’s first Life Fulfilling Community. The concept was originally sparked by a dedicated Board of Directors and a unique relationship with PRAXEIS, LLC, the community’s developer and operator, who brought to the table strong relationships, industry expertise, and bold vision – and risked the initial $12 million to get the project started.

The first members to join The Glenridge (“Glenridge Eagles”) formed a group called the Legacy Club – creating a sense of community before construction even began and working to build

the culture that exists to this day. While many of those original members are no longer with us, some still continue to impact The Glenridge’s future. We are proud to honor them – along with all the Visionaries – for their determination, wisdom, and foresight.

Similarly, since The Glenridge opened in 2003, more than 350 Veterans representing all branches of the United States military – including 173 who served during World War II – have been instrumental in providing leadership, character, and insight. Currently, 85 Glenridge members are Veterans, 8 of whom served during WWII. Their service and sacrifice to our nation helped ensure the freedoms we enjoy today and their presence in our community is an ongoing source of great pride.

Both the Visionaries and the Veterans have made unique contributions to The Glenridge. The Memorial Eagle sculpture was erected in their honor – to express our gratitude, provide a permanent monument in the heart of our community … and create memories that will last forever.


The Veterans & Visionaries Memorial Eagle was created by an experienced, multi-talented artist and product designer, illustrator, and sculptor with ties to both Sarasota and The Glenridge.

Dawn Agnew-Mundell has created original and commissioned sculptures ranging from figurines to large-scale works of art. Her clients run the gamut from The Franklin Mint to Texas A&M University, where she collaborated on the design and bronze sculpture of the school’s Reveille Mascot.

After receiving a degree in commercial art from Central Texas College, Dawn studied design at the University of Kansas and art history at the University of Maryland’s European Division before graduating with honors from Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota. She is affiliated with the National Sculpture Society, the International Sculpture Center and Philadelphia Sculptors.

Dawn has a deep connection to The Glenridge: Her father, Jim, is our community’s chaplain. Her work on the Reveille Mascot project also impressed CEO Jim Cater, a proud Aggie and A&M alum.