Unlocking Lifelong Wellness: The Six Keys at the Kamberg Center

Unlocking Lifelong Wellness: The Six Keys at the Kamberg Center

When it comes to wellness, it’s worth thinking outside the box. That’s because how long we live – and how well we live – are closely interlinked not only with physical fitness but also social, intellectual, emotional, financial and spiritual health.

At The Glenridge, we recognize those holistic factors as the Six Keys to Living Well®, and they’re part of an evidence-based approach to wellness that underpins all we do. From outstanding on-campus healthcare to lifelong learning classes, social events, cultural programs and more, every aspect of our community is designed to help members thrive.

The state-of-the-art Kamberg Center, which opened in 2023, reflects that philosophy. Combining healthcare services, engaging activities and programs, and preventive wellness resources under one roof, it’s a place where anyone, regardless of age, can truly flourish.

Consider just a few of the ways we’re redefining what it means to live well:

  • A Whole Person View of Health. Using the Six Keys as the foundation, the Kamberg Center helps members live more balanced lives through every aspect of well-being. Says Director Denese Williams: “We believe that when you’re physically healthy, you’re in a better position to feel positive, engaged and socially connected. We also believe you’ll enjoy better physical health if you’re happy, challenging yourself to grow, and have a strong support network to enjoy better physical health, too. One is going to impact the other, no matter how you look at it. Here at Kamberg, we’ve created a therapeutic environment where all aspects are taken into account.”
  • Emotional Balance: At The Glenridge, we believe in living life at your own pace in a serene environment free of worry or pressure. The Kamberg offers more opportunities to do just that, whether you’re enjoying a mindful session of yoga, relaxing with a good book or playing a game of bridge. At the same time, should members need emotional support during a difficult time, Kamberg provides mental health/psychosocial and spiritual counseling. “We’re here to listen,” adds Williams. “We provide resources to help people live and feel better – whatever that means for them.”
  • Top-Quality Healthcare: Exceptional on-campus healthcare – including rehab, long-term care and memory support – has always been a cornerstone of The Glenridge. The Kamberg complements that picture with state-of-the-art spaces for short-term care, including the spacious Argentini Center for Rehabilitation, as well as the Living Well Clinic, which provides both urgent care and primary healthcare services.

Flourishing at The Glenridge involves a personal version of the future – getting everything you can out of today … and planning for positive and active tomorrows. Find out more by getting in touch. Send us a message or call our Life Planning Team at 941-552-5369 to schedule your personal tour.

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