Pickleball and Bocce Ball Hit the Courts at The Glenridge!

Pickleball and Bocce Ball Hit the Courts at The Glenridge!

When you live at The Glenridge, your next great workout is never far away. And now, our impressive Fitness Center Complex has expanded to include even more game-changing amenities.

Our brand-new pickleball and bocce ball courts, located near our existing HAR-TRU® tennis courts, are the latest expression of our commitment to lifelong fun, fitness and well-being. And as more players learn the game recognized as America’s fastest-growing sport for the past three years in a row, it’s worth taking a dive back into history to learn where it came from and why so many people love it.

Pickleball was invented on a Saturday in the summer of 1965, when Joel Pritchard and his golf buddy Bill Bell decided to develop a game Pritchard’s family could play on their property’s former badminton court. Because they didn’t have racquets or a shuttlecock on hand, they used a couple of ping-pong paddles and a plastic wiffle ball, and they lowered the net to volley low bounces back and forth.

The affection so many Americans now have for pickleball is largely thanks to the game’s background as a family-friendly activity. Its gentle learning curve makes it simple for newcomers of all ages to get started, and its social atmosphere encourages players to strike up conversations and rapport on and off the court.

Pickleball is also praised as a low-impact sport: The smaller court size involves less running, and the lightweight paddles and balls are gentler on joints and bones. At the same time – as any player can attest – it’s a serious workout. A few matches a week will see you well on your way to your recommended amount of heart-healthy exercise, resulting in lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Considering the game’s many advantages, it’s no surprise that pickleball has seen a meteoric rise to popularity over the last decade. In 2023, it was officially recognized as the fastest-growing sport in America for the third year in a row, with an estimated 8.9 million players nationwide.

Whether you’re an avid player or a newcomer looking for ways to optimize health and happiness throughout life, The Glenridge’s pickleball and bocce ball courts are a great place to get started. But that’s just the start of everything our community has to offer, and there’s no better time to discover more.

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