At The Glenridge, Inspired Dining is Always on the Menu

At The Glenridge, Inspired Dining is Always on the Menu

Cut into the perfect steak, served tableside. Savor crispy warm bread, fresh seafood, or dessert flambé. Embark on a tasting tour of Europe’s culinary powerhouses, from Barcelona to Florence.

That’s just a taste of the exceptional cuisine members can enjoy nightly at The Glenridge, in our formal dining room. But there’s no “secret sauce” behind The Glenridge’s success, says Executive Chef Marco Marini – only a simple philosophy, executed to perfection: “The best food. The freshest ingredients. No shortcuts.”

Marini, who was born and raised in Italy, has been working in restaurants since he was a high school student. In 1997, a friend recommended he visit Sarasota for the winter – and what he expected to be a short seasonal stay became a two-and-a-half-decade career as a chef at high-end Italian restaurants and country clubs.

But joining The Glenridge as Executive Chef last year “was probably the smartest thing I ever did,” he says. “From the quality of the ingredients to the team members, everything here is top-of-the-line. It’s an environment where we can – and do – strive to serve nothing but the best.”

The breadth of the menu is impressive. On any given night, diners might enjoy a crisp Manchego and apple salad or flavorful vegetarian entrée … homestyle barbecue or handmade sushi … or a selection of delicious seafood and meats, from lobster and filet mignon to Chilean sea bass.

But unlike traditional restaurants, which serve the same dishes to new patrons night after night, The Glenridge’s menu offers something new at every meal, plus an array of themed events and globally inspired recipes.

“If you’re coming in to dine throughout the week, you don’t want to feel like you’re at the same restaurant every night,” says Marini. “I want members to feel the same excitement and curiosity they would when going to dinner downtown. As chefs, that also gives us the chance to have fun and broaden our horizons.”

From fine restaurants to family dinners, there’s one thing all great meals have in common: They make people happy. And at The Glenridge, Marini and his team are free to innovate, experiment, and put their all into providing an exceptional dining experience.

“In a restaurant, you’re always thinking about the bottom line,” he says. “But at The Glenridge, our bottom line is always member satisfaction – we want people to leave with a smile on their face.”

When you live at The Glenridge, every meal is an adventure, and every dish is designed to impress. From creative menus and tasting experiences in our main dining room … to made-from-scratch casual fare and cocktails at our brand-new dining venue, the Kiltie Grille, you’ll find it all here.

But exceptional cuisine is just the beginning, because at The Glenridge, we’re always bringing more to the table. Here, you’ll also find best-in-class entertainment, culture, wellness, and lifelong learning. And there’s no better time to experience the difference firsthand. Just send us a message or give our Life Planning Team a call at 941-552-5369 to schedule your personal tour.

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