A “Magnetic” Culture: Living, Growing and Flourishing!

A “Magnetic” Culture: Living, Growing and Flourishing!

Mort and Linda Lichtman left no stone unturned in their search for the perfect community. But after attending lectures, consulting friends and advisors, and researching every detail, they were confident …The Glenridge was the place to be.

“Everyone in our life – and especially those whose opinions we respected most – had the same thing to say: ‘The Glenridge is number one,’” recalls Linda. “So we decided to learn more, and what we’ve found here has only exceeded our expectations.”

A former financial planner, Mort appreciated the peace of mind provided by The Glenridge’s exceptional continuum of healthcare, while the beautiful campus and residences struck a chord with Linda, who worked in interior design. A third member of the Lichtman family – their 13-year-old dog, Brodie – also gave the Glenridge his “bark” of approval.

“Everyone here just loves Brodie; the community is very pet-friendly,” says Mort. “That was a big deciding factor for us – we wouldn’t consider going anywhere that wouldn’t welcome our dog, too.”

Since settling into their new home, Mort, Linda and Brodie have been enjoying the community’s liberating lifestyle to the fullest. From long walks around the lush 150-acre campus … to entertainment and music at the sophisticated Glenridge Performing Arts Center … to an ever-changing selection of classes at the Glenridge Academy, there’s always something new to explore.

“It just clicked,” Linda says. “There are so many choices and opportunities – the enriched education, the dining and socializing, the myriad of physical fitness classes – that sometimes, I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the week!”

But while The Glenridge’s list of engaging activities and amenities seems endless, the biggest benefit of life here is something that can only be felt, Linda says: a “magnetic” culture that leaves members truly carefree.

“As we age, the biggest gift we can give ourselves is to take away the question of ‘what if?’” she says. “By moving to The Glenridge, you can eliminate uncertainty entirely – because for the rest of my life, I know there’s no anxiety or worry that can’t be controlled.”

Find out for yourself why members like the Lichtmans love life at The Glenridge – and learn how you can live fulfilled in an environment where members can redefine aging … explore new horizons … and prioritize progress and well-being across every facet of life.

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