Veterans and Visionaries: A Glenridge Legacy

Veterans and Visionaries: A Glenridge Legacy

Service is one of the core values that has always defined The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch – and nowhere is it better exemplified than in the veterans who call our community home.

More than 100 veterans representing all branches of the military – including 40 who served during World War II – have been instrumental in providing leadership, character, and insight to The Glenridge over the years. Their service and sacrifice helped ensure the freedoms we enjoy today, and their presence in our community is an ongoing source of great pride.

And in token of that appreciation, we’re excited to announce an upcoming addition to our campus next year: the Veterans & Visionaries Memorial Eagle.

Capturing the power and grace of our country’s national emblem, the eagle memorial sculpture will stand proudly alongside an American flag, atop a black granite octagonal base set on a perpetual waterfall. The sculpture will take about a year to build, with the unveiling slated for the community’s 20th anniversary in November of 2023.

Standing nearly 12 feet high from base to wingtip – and with a wingspan of approximately 8 feet – the magnificent monument will grace the north side of the lake between the east and west wings of The Glenridge’s main building. The memorial will feature bronze plaques honoring members who have served our nation, including one medallion for each branch of the military.

In addition to celebrating the community’s veterans, the statue will also honor the visionaries who helped forge the foundation of a Life Fulfilling Community® – a unique environment that challenges the status quo and continually evolves to better serve our members.

But there will be more to the stunning statue than meets the eye: Using state-of-the-art NFC (near-field communication) technology, visitors and members will be able to use their cell phones or smart devices to scan a small chip mounted on the front of the sculpture and download information about the history of the monument, the artist, the honored Veterans and Visionaries, as well as donors and contributors.

From the outset, the statue’s design was deeply rooted in The Glenridge’s legacy and history. Sculptor and designer Dawn Agnew-Mundell – and experienced illustrator and artist – graduated with honors from Sarasota’s Ringling College of Art and Design, with additional education at Central Texas College, the University of Kansas, and the University of Maryland.

While Dawn is well-established as a commercial artist, her connection to the community is also a personal one: Her father, Jim Agnew, is The Glenridge’s chaplain.

Memorializing the service and sacrifice of our members, the eagle will stand as a reminder of our commitment to honoring America’s heroes not only on one day of the year – but every day of the year. For the same reason, we are proud to offer veterans a 10% discount for apartments at The Glenridge!

Discover a community where everyone has a fascinating story to tell – and join the ranks of the accomplished veterans, industry leaders, trailblazers and innovators who live here. Send us a message or call our Life Planning Team at 941-552-5338 to schedule your personal appointment today.

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