Travel Around the World (at Home)

Travel Around the World (at Home)

We’re all spending more time at home in an effort to stay healthy and support our communities. But travel lovers, take heart: You can still expand your horizons at home.  

Thanks to advances in technologyit’s easier than ever to see the world from your living room. Google Street View has mapped more than 10 million miles of first-person imagesallowing you to navigate almost any destination on the planet as if you were seeing it in person. Street View also set the stage for other travel simulations – like interactive tours and virtual reality – which offer an even more immersive experience. 

Ready to get started? Pick your destination. 

  1. Travel cross-country to dozens of National Parks through Google’s collaboration with the National Park Service. The diversity of America’s landscapes is especially striking when you can visit Alaska’s Mount Denali, California’s Death Valley, Montana’s Glacier National Park or Florida’s Everglades in the span of an afternoon. 
  2. Explore the wilderness of Earth’s least-travelled landscapes – like this interactive tour of the Great Barrier Reef, narrated by David Attenborough. With a little technology wrangling (you’ll need to download a free app on your smartphone) you can experience a virtual reality simulation of climbing Mt. Everest. 
  3. Dive into the past with scenic walking tours of historical sites like Pompeii, the Acropolis, the Old City of Jerusalem, St. Peter’s Basilica, or the Great Wall of China. Interested in a more structured experience? Try this 360-degree audio tour of Machu Picchu. (And don’t forget to read our post about exploring art museums online.)
  4. Bring the world home. Travel is about more than history and scenery: It’s also food, music, art, language and culture. Brush up on your high school French or German. Stream Czech folk music on Spotify or watch an Indian film on Netflix. Learn how to make Greek moussaka, Korean bibimbap or Brazilian feijoada. 

Although many of The Glenridge’s members love to see the world, they don’t have to go far to enjoy Sarasota’s natural beauty and vibrant culture. On the horizon, brand-new Club Homes and Villas in our Northside Neighborhood will offer scenic views of lakes and upland preserves, complete with walking trails. (And, yes, you can explore the Northside Neighborhood virtually.) 

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