The Eagle Has Landed – at The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch!

The Eagle Has Landed – at The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch!

Courage. Integrity. Leadership. At The Glenridge, we’re proud to honor our more than 100 military veterans for all their contributions to the strength of our nation and the freedoms we enjoy today – as well as their ongoing support as members of our community.

And soon, we’ll be dedicating a landmark tribute to their many contributions: On November 10th, we’ll be commemorating Veterans Day and the 20th anniversary of our community’s founding with a magnificent piece of art: the Veterans & Visionaries Memorial Eagle.

Standing nearly 12 feet high from base to wingtip, the bronze sculpture will stand proudly alongside an American flag on the north side of the lake adjacent to The Glenridge’s main building. The memorial will feature bronze plaques honoring members who have served our nation, including one medallion for each branch of the military.

The statue, which took approximately a year to construct, was sculpted in Monroeville, New Jersey. Molds were made and bronze poured at a foundry in Philadelphia, and the eagle was transported by tractor trailer to Sarasota on October 12.

“The Glenridge is home to such a large percentage of veterans, including many who served in World War Two,” says Dawn Agnew-Mundell, the statue’s sculptor. “We owe them so much – not just as a community, but as a country – and being able to pay tribute to their contributions through this statue is such an incredible honor.”

An experienced illustrator and artist, Dawn graduated with honors from Sarasota’s Ringling College of Art and Design, with additional education at Central Texas College, the University of Kansas, and the University of Maryland. She also shares her own personal ties to The Glenridge: Her father, Jim Agnew, is The Glenridge’s chaplain.

“My dad being a veteran, I’ve always felt that those who have served our country have a sense of strength – an inner ‘steel’ – shaped by their experiences,’” Dawn added. “I wanted to evoke that same courage and unyielding fortitude through a symbol that represents the American spirit.”

The results are striking. The bronze eagle boasts an 8-foot wingspan and exquisitely detailed features, as well as a black granite base hewn from the same quarry as the 9/11 memorial. An adjacent reflecting pool and perpetual waterfall will symbolize the flow of time from the past, into the present and toward the future – creating a sense of peace with the gentle sound of running water.

In addition to celebrating the community’s veterans, the statue will also honor the visionaries who helped forge the nation’s first Life Fulfilling Community.®

“It represents not only the visionaries of the past, but also today’s visionaries who will take The Glenridge into the future,” commented Chaplain Jim. “As we carry the torch in the days ahead, it will inspire us to uphold the values of support and service.”

Here at The Glenridge, we’re committed to honoring our community’s veterans – not only for one day out of the year, but all year round. To learn about the veteran discounts currently available for new members, send us a message or give our Life Planning Team a call at 941-552-5369.

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