Live at Your Own Pace … in Sarasota’s Best Senior Living Community!

Live at Your Own Pace … in Sarasota’s Best Senior Living Community!

Whether volunteering with troubled youth … or helping her older parents navigate the challenges of healthcare, Midge Reyhons has spent much of her life serving others with a smile. But when she began planning for the years ahead, she knew she didn’t want to leave her future in someone else’s hands.

“Covering all my bases for healthcare and security was extremely important to me, and on all counts, The Glenridge was absolutely excellent,” she says. “The community is just unbelievable. No matter where you go, you’re surrounded by pleasant, friendly people who really care.”

Midge isn’t alone in wanting more stability for her future. As America’s population ages, many older adults are likewise considering their next move and exploring options that will give them security and peace of mind – not only for their healthcare and finances, but across every facet of life.

The Glenridge is an all-in-one solution to that dilemma, combining all the advantages of luxury independent living and on-campus long-term care in one package. From best-in-class dining, entertainment and culture to an array of activities and programs geared toward learning and wellness, ours is an environment where anyone, at any age, can flourish.

“We do everything we can to make our members happy,” says Ben Turoff, Director of Member Life at The Glenridge. “Whether that’s theatre, music and entertainment … games, clubs and educational classes … holiday festivities or ice cream socials – there’s something here for everyone, and then some.”

Since moving in, Midge has found plenty of ways to get involved – from taking a course on iPhone 101 and cornhole to team trivia competitions at the popular Thistle Stop lounge. But she also enjoys the freedom to take life at her own pace, secure in the knowledge that she’ll always have a support network close to home.

“There’s a sense of community, but without any pressure,” she says. “Living here has been simply wonderful.”

Here at The Glenridge, we go the extra mile to foster a unique, pressure-free environment where members can redefine aging … explore new horizons … and prioritize progress and well-being across every facet of life. When you’re ready to experience the difference firsthand, send us a message or call our Life Planning Team at 941-552-5369 to schedule your personal tour.

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