An Enlightened Approach: How a Life Plan Can Secure Your Future

An Enlightened Approach: How a Life Plan Can Secure Your Future

An aging population. Rising healthcare costs. Fewer long-term care facilities.  

Even knowing that 7 out of 10 Americans who reach age 65 will need long-term care at some point in their lives – and that in an increasingly overwhelmed healthcare system, the cost of securing that care can be financially devastating – many individuals still fail to factor it into their financial planning equation 

And therein lies the problem: If you want to control where and how you’re going to live in the event you need long-term care, you need a plan that offers you protection. 

As one Glenridge member put it: “Advances in medical care mean that most of us are going to live longer. The only wild card is how long. That begs the question: ‘Will your assets survive caring for you?’ From my perspective, the obvious choice was moving to a community that guarantees long-term care, should I ever need it.” 

If you’re looking to optimize the quality of the rest of your years – in a place where you can truly flourish – a Life Fulfilling Community® like The Glenridge, unlike any other option, is the solution. Here, you’ll find a built-in support system that provides everything you need to live at the highest level possible – so that you can adapt to change as it comes and stay in control no matter what.  

Not only does The Glenridge place an extraordinary emphasis on preventive health and holistic wellness, but members also have peace of mind knowing that top-quality long-term care is accessible any time they need it for as long as they reside in the community.  

That’s right: Your entrance and your entrance fee and monthly service fees also include access to on-site assisted living, memory support, rehabilitation and skilled nursing, if needed – for as long as you reside in the community. No private healthcare provider can give you this same assurance.  

For lifelong entrepreneur and business owner Manny Joaquim, that peace of mind made all the difference. “As I got older, I knew there was a chance something might happen to my health,” he recalls. “One fall or one accident could change everything – and I might not have a choice of where I wanted to go, so I needed to be ready.” 

Manny began researching communities that provided all levels of care and found his answer at The Glenridge. “The healthcare here is really top-notch: rated five stars, with all the options I need,” he says. “But all of it – the amenities, the campus, the people – is second to none. You just can’t match the quality of The Glenridge.”  

As you look ahead to the next chapter of your life, it’s important to make your own decision about what’s best for you. So, ask yourself not just where you want to live … but how you want to live. 

Discover a community that offers flexibility and freedom for the years ahead! Send us a message or give our Life Planning Team a call at 941-552-5369 to learn more or schedule your personal tour. 

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